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Quarterly update #1

Hello, Hello, Hello. This is an update on what has been going on with Good At. I hope to do this on a quarterly basis but I don’t want to promise as life finds a way to get in the way. So, on to what has happened this quarter.

  • Networking: This is one of the ways that I have decided to get the word out about Good At, and to learn what is working for others. I have gone to two networking events so far and found them to be fun but not right away useful. But I don’t think that these events are for quick results but for developing long term relationships. Attending these events is definitely part of a long term growth strategy. Another issue that I’m having with networking is that I’m not getting out of it what I thought I would. I thought that I would learn more from the experience that others are having. I don’t think that there is something lacking from the events but from me not going in better prepared. The questions that I’m asking are not leading to the kind of learning that I am hoping to get. But that is all part of it, right? Learning what works and what doesn’t one networking meeting at a time.
  • Marketing: Over the past quarter, I’ve gotten a bit more comfortable with the tools that I have chosen to create and share content. The tools are Canva (for making pretty posts), Socialbee (for scheduling). I need to get more content that is worth sharing which takes time to create and set up. Finding the time is something that I’m always struggling with but feel that I’m getting better at each day.
  • Personal: I’ve got a lot happening on the personal side. My dad has been ill, which has been really stressful. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to visit but will have to travel more for some future surgeries. I’m in my 3rd out of 10 classes for my MBA. I’ve been on the Keto train for about a year and a half but have hit a plateau. I have to do something to fix this. And well, all the usual stuff work, home, self-care. Whew, it’s been a busy quarter.
What are you trying to improve?

Moving forward

  • Podcast: In my previous blog post, I wrote that I was thinking about either starting YouTube-ing or podcasting, and I have decided. I will be starting a podcast. I decided on this because I want to communicate clearly, openly and regularly with anyone who may be following this journey. Yet, I’m finding that typing a blog post like this one is kind of hard for me to keep up on. If you know me personally, you know that I can talk an ear off. I am that person that you think twice about starting a conversation with because I will not let you go. I just love to chat and to dive deep on any topic. This can be a negative but because of this habit of mine, I feel that a podcast is a great choice. I can then use the podcast to create blog posts. I also hope to use the podcast to promote the amazing people who choose to become instructors using the Good At platform. I am so excited to see what kind of connections we can make and what stories will come out of those connections.
  • Help Request: Part of what I’m trying to do with Good At is help people find the help that they need. This would start with a request created by using the Contact page of the website, letting me know what they are looking for. For example, “looking for a hairdresser that can help me get good at doing my daughter’s hair” or “looking for someone who can help me use my circular saw” or “just bought my first home and don’t know what I should be doing to maintain it”. Then, the search would start with an e-mail to the e-mail list, posting on social media and then with more direct methods like sending out personal e-mails to people I think might be able to help. In the future, I may charge for a very time intensive search but I’ll have to think about that some more.

So, that is about it for what has happened and what I plan to make happen. This will be a crazy quarter which goes from now until Halloween (my favorite holiday!!!). During this time, I have 3 more MBA classes to take, a growing toddler, a household, weight loss/workout goals, the job, and travel for my dad to handle. Whew, all in a list like this makes it seem like a lot but I’ll be focusing on taking just one step at a time, and taking it one hour at a time. Good luck to us all!