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Inspiration: Nick Santonastasso

Each day is an opportunity to watch, listen and learn.

I just finished listening to Tim Bilyeu’s interview Nick Santonastasso on Impact Theory (one of my favorite YouTube Channels). Tim is a great interviewer because he is always pushing to give the audience some kind of actionable information. This time it was all about mindset. Nick reminds the audience, and especially myself, that simply seeing an obstacle is not the end of the story. That just because there is an obstacle doesn’t mean that you are done but that the work of finding how to work around it begins.

Nick wanted to be a wrestler and he did it. It took taking what some may see as taking a drastic action but what he did was see the obstacle and find the way around it. My obstacles are much smaller in comparison. These are lack of time, motivation and my own fear. I can’t let these stop my forward progress, slow as it might be. What I can do and must do is start the work of finding the path around them.

I also love what Nick says at time 31:22 :

People are always scared to ask questions or ask for knowledge. Like people love that. Like people want to feel that they are needed. They want to give their knowledge to you. That makes people feel good.

Nick santonastasso

This is part of the reason that I am so excited every time I work on Good At. I want to help people get past the obstacle that is fear of asking a question or for knowledge. The plan is to do this via the platform where people can easily be connected with someone that could help them out. But I’m asking people to take that first step, ask for help, and I will do the work to find a great match for them.

My fear is that I’m underestimating the fear that people have of asking but I’m so hopeful that I just have to get over my own worries. I am asking people to do a scary thing in sharing what they want to get good at, sharing what they need help with. And I asking people to trust that I will do the work to help them. I’m asking a lot of people but I’m trusting that people are going to surprise me. I’m so excited!

With love,
Marisol, Founder

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