Who is Good At and Why am I doing this?

Good At is a one person show run by me…Marisol Jones. And who am I? I am a crazy person. At least that is what I think sometimes when I realize that I am actually trying to make this thing called Good At a reality. I am also a 40 something mom, wife, full time employee and current MBA student. Raised in South Gate, California, and a current Utah resident. I am a generalist in life and know barley anything about everything. I think that everything is interesting which makes me a curious person. But I’m also an intimidated person and I tend to delay doing things because I am too shy to ask for help.

Most people would say that I am already doing plenty, with work, family and school, and ask why would you add the stress of trying to start a business. Something that I don’t know anything about. Or maybe most people wouldn’t ask this and it is just me talking to myself. I mean really….why am I doing this?

Well, it is because I truly feel that people are amazing but that we are also lost at the same time. There is so much information out there in the world available to anyone willing to do the research. The saying “Google it” comes to mind. We are all kind of told to go it alone, to figure it out and to do for ourselves (pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps) but I keep feeling that this is just crappy advice. It’s all out there but where do we start and is what is out there really going to help me with my specific issue? There are tutorials, videos, blogs, Facebook groups, articles, books, so much information but people still seem to need more.

I see posts that have tips, tricks and below those posts comments of people still wishing that they could do that thing or asking more specific questions. I feel that we all need help, we need support, we need guidance. Not always, not for all things but often enough and for enough things that I feel we need to connect one on one in real time. And that these connections have the power to help us get good at everything.

I mean why not? I hear that there are about 3 degrees of separation between people who have internet access. Therefore, there are only 3 degrees of separation between what you want to get good at and someone who is already good at it. The idea of the amazing things that can happen if these two halves connected is why I’m doing this.

Fingers crossed that it works.