More for and about Learners

Hello there! So you want to get Good At something. You are ready to learn, grow and improve. Well, we are here for that and here for you.

The hope is that there will be someone already on the Good At site offering what you are looking for but honestly they probably are not because Good At was just born yesterday (well, May 1st 2019 to be exact). If that is the case please, please don’t let that stop you. Reach out to us and let us know what you want to get good at by contacting us though the sites contact page. The plan is to take your request and do the work to find someone for you.

What does finding someone for you look like? First, the request will be posted on the Help Request page of the blog, posted on social media and shared with the Good At family (A.K.A. the e-mail list). If this does nothing then we will begin sending out direct e-mails and making calls.

I truly believe that we can all get good at something new and that there is someone already out there who can teach you how to good at that thing. Our work will be in helping you and the instructor find each other.

So, tell us what do you want to get good at?