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Strong Enough to ask for Help

So hard, so important

I think a lot about this platform, about the type of person that I should reach out to, and about the type of person who would reach out to get good at something. After all this thinking, I want to make sure that I focus on creating a safe place where a person can ask for help full of people who care enough to share. But I also feel that I am asking a lot of people to reach out and ask for help because it is hard to be vulnerable enough to reach out from behind our keyboards and ask.

Asking is the hardest part but we are here for you.

I know that asking for help is hard because I will get nervous to even ask a store clerk with help finding something. My habit is to wander around for a while before I will admit that I need help and then I’m still nervous to ask the question “Where could I find the soup?”. But my husband is not nervous, as soon as he sees someone to ask he asks, no wasted time wandering.

With Good At, I hope that some of the time we waste Googling, YouTubing, searching blogs and all the other ways that we try to get help will be eliminated because there will be someone that you can reach out to. Either it will be someone who is already on Good At offering their help or reaching out to the Good At Crew to start a search for someone helpful.

I also hope that having the focus be on connecting in one-on-one sessions makes getting the help you want easier because you only have to be vulnerable in front of one other person. This is also due to some personal feeling about classes. I find that when I am in a class setting I feel like I can’t interrupt or keep asking for clarification. Like I have a 1 question limit. Even though you hear instructors say things like “If you have a question ask because most likely others do to” or “There are no dumb questions”, I still feel like maybe I should not be asking. Or again I waste time trying to figure it out on my own after the class is over. These are feeling that I see in others and am guessing can be eased by having one-on-one sessions which can be as fast or slow as you need, where the instructor is focused on you and can feel out if you need more information, and that teach you exactly what you are looking for instead of having to be general for all those attending.

So, how do I create a safe place where people can ask for help? To be honest, I’m not 100% sure. I hope that having a review system will help because only the best instructors will have great ratings. I hope that by focusing on one-on-one in person learning that people will feel less nervous to reach out for help. I hope that you will give me and the instructors a chance to help you out. And I hope that you let us know how we can make things better.

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