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List of dreams

Hey! I keep dreaming up all these amazing combinations of people getting good at things by using Good At to connect with others who are good at that thing. This is just a list of the combinations that I’ve been dreaming of. The hope is that I will be able to update this list as my dreams come true. And if you have a combination that you’d like to see happen, let us know!

Where will your dreams take you?

  • A fashion blogger helping someone get good at personal fashion with a shopping trip
  • A hair stylist helping a single dad get good at taking care of his daughter’s hair
  • A barber helping a single mom’s son get good at shaving
  • A handy person helping a first time home owner getting good at taking care of their house with a home care visit. This one is kind of personal to me as I really appreciated how our home inspector did not just tell us that our house was ok. He took the time to walk us through each room and major system, and gave us a check list of the maintenance that will be needed for each. I have only bought one home and therefore do not know, but I expect that this is not routine service. I think that Good At could help make this an option for new home owners, or a person buying any home who would really want to learn how to care for it.
  • A landscaper helping a new homeowner get good at maintaining their new property. This is similar to the handy person helping a new home owner learn about their home. There also is learning to be done on how to care for a new yard. We were lucky when we bought our house it only had grass, not much to learn there but there are homes that already have gardens or plants that may need specific care.
  • A landscaper helping someone get good at urban farming with a home visit. This could help them understand where to plant, what their dirt conditions are and watering options.
  • A mechanic helping a car owner getting good at changing a tire and general car maintenance. Or helping a teen who is new to driving learn about the maintenance of the car.
  • A knitting shop helping their customer get good at knitting with one on one lessons
  • A hiking enthusiast helping others get good at packing their gear with a shopping trip to an outdoor retailer
  • A gamer helping others get good at Fortnite with a video conference lesson
  • A person who speaks a second language helping someone else get good at the language with in person hang outs. I know that there are language tutors and Good At would be great for them but I also imagine this being a more casual thing with people who are native speakers but maybe not formal teachers. The #1 thing that people seem to need is practice and not necessarily more lessons.
  • A vocal coach helping someone get good at karaoke. Again, similar as practicing a second language, I imagine that these lessons would be more casual.
  • A hairdresser helping someone get good at doing their hair with a home visit to show them with their own tools how to get gorgeous. We all know the frustration of only having great hair the day of the hair appointment. Well, Good At could help people look great everyday.
  • A beauty blogger helping an adult child to get good at doing their elderly mother’s hair and makeup
  • A home cook helping someone getting good at making a special meal as a surprise for their loved one
  • A person who is good at Excel helping someone get ready for entering a new job
  • A bicyclist helping a person who never learned how to ride a bicycle with a private lesson. I put this on the list because I don’t know how to ride a bike and I tried to find someone to teach me for a while but could never find anyone. Finally there was a program for adult learners, which is where I learned that I am never going to be a bike rider. Instead I bought a Catrike trike what I love!
  • A Cos-player giving instruction to a person who wants to get into the scene
  • An actor helping someone get better at improv
  • A Preper (Is that even how you spell this word?) helping someone get good at their household emergency preparedness
  • A community organizer helping someone get good at understanding their local politics, voting and how it all ties together

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