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Am I screwing up already?

Maybe…..but I just can’t imagine this being any different. What am I talking about? Well, the general advice for creating a two-sided-marketplace (which is what Good At is) is that you have to pick a niche to focus on and I’m not doing that. I’m not focusing on only knitters, car gurus, artists or any other kind of creative/handy person. I am focusing on everyone and this maybe a huge mistake.

The advice is good and make sense because you can create exactly what a small group of people need and then grow from there. But this just doesn’t feel right to me for Good At. For example, sites like Udemy, Wyzant or thinking big YouTube don’t focus on just one niche but they do focus on one type of offering. Video tutorials, tutors, videos. And Good At offers one-on-one learning.

Humans, I feel, are not just about one thing or interested in one thing at a time. Today, I’ll need help on excel but tomorrow I may need help with my garden. I don’t want to be put in a niche and this may be the downfall for Good At but I have to try it my way first and see where that takes me.

But in a way I am picking a niche in that I am creating Good At for a group of people who are willing to share their know-how, talent, and abilities in a one-on-one manner. Compared to how many people want to create e-books, video tutorials, or courses, this might not be too many people and that is a niche, right?

So, good, bad or otherwise I own this choice and cross my fingers hard that I’m not wrong.

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